I'm very glad to let you all know that my book:
„The Miracle of the Return
to the Cosmic/Galactic Human
is now officially available for purchase in English through my homepage or!
If you would like the book sent to you personally, please contact LAURA & TOBI through email:
The "2 Wonderful Ones" will get you your copy as soon as possible!
Please be aware that we will have to charge for shipping to countries other than Austria.
We are always with you

The messages and information of "Spirit" in this book are intended to help people feel the TRUTH in "THEIR HEARTS".

26,90 €
In den Warenkorb
Of course, you can also get a copy through anytime!
The book will be available there for 29,90€ or 33,3$ respectively.
If you prefer ordering through this page or LAURA and TOBI it will be 26,90€ plus shipping depending on your location.
If you live outside of Europe we recommend getting the book through Amazon to avoid possible high toll and shipping costs.
I hope you enjoy reading it I look forward to your feedback !
Love       MONIKA